Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Where will you be January 30–February 3, 2010?

We hope you’ll be joining your colleagues in Maui for the 2010 Winter Convention! It’s an excellent opportunity to network with your colleagues from around the world while taking advantage of continuing legal education with a national perspective.

Did you know?

*Almost 800 people have registered for the AAJ 2010 Winter Convention – 140 more than had registered for the 2009 convention at this time last year

*Over 600 attorneys have registered to be in Maui

*Meetings and events are valuable tools for U.S. businesses. Meetings and events drive business growth by fostering collaboration, idea-sharing and generation

*In a recent survey, Fortune 1000 Chief Marketing Officers said that meetings and events provide the highest return on investment of any marketing channel*

*A new study shows that 87 percent of Americans who have attended an out-of-town meeting or convention for work say it is important to running a strong business*

Don’t miss out – Register for the AAJ 2010 Winter Convention today!

View convention schedules as well as speakers and agendas for education programs

*U.S. Travel Association data

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